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McDowell Story Goes off the Boil


From GUBU and a very relevant post by Sarah Carey. I agree that the agenda has decided to let the issue slide. Mick is through to the other side and many will say that its a good thing.

Also check out Maman Poulet, seems she heard that CPI were investigating Thornton Hall too. Good post on the implications of this if true.

I think many of you should read her reaction since it sums up nicely what i was trying ot squeeze into a post, some extracts here;

"But isn’t it interesting that Ivor Callely had to go because he couldn’t keep a secretary and over 10 years ago a company did £1500 worth of painting for him? The Minister for Justice leaks garda documents on a political enemy and he gets away with it. If the Minister is so convinced he had a right to let the people know then why didn’t he stand up in the Dail and say it instead of leaking it and then providing the information in a written answer so the Ceann Comhairle couldn’t intervene.

Well, if everyone thinks that what McDowell did was kosher, name and shame a guy when you haven’t enough evidence to charge him, well then let’s go with it. The cops are convinced they have their suspect in the Rachel O’Reilly case, but damnit, they just can’t prove it. Let’s give that file to the Evening Herald. "

I also listened to some of the Dunphy Show this morning, Sam Smyth reckoned that there is no way he could finger Connolly in Court, under oath, as the man in the photograph. Leaking this file is not a vector for delivering justice in my mind. Certainly he is entitled to raise issues of credibility in regard to Connolly but I dont feel this is action was within his power.

Im not sure about calls for his head. I am still thinking about this great phrase, holding to account. In my lexicon it doesnt equate to resignation. I feel there are lessons to be learned but at this stage calls for his head lose sight of the need to clear up issues of accountability.

Also, I think it unlikely that McDowell is actually going to go no matter what.


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