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Ireland Only Taking Orders From Washington


Right, first off Im publishing this for a bit of a barney, not because I necessarily agree. Right disclaimer out of the way here goes...

Noam Chomsky, being interviewed ahead of this coming January's visit to deliver a lecture to amnesty and UCD students, has launched a bit of a verbal missile at Bertie and co at Merrion Square.

Speaking ahead of a visit to Ireland next month, controversial academic Noam Chomsky also accused the Irish Government of being the US’s obedient servant.

Speaking about the refuelling of US military aircraft at Shannon, Dr Chomsky asked: “Is Mr Ahern following the will of the Irish people or is he following orders from Washington?

“It can only be justified if the goal of the government is to be the obedient servant of the global superpower.

“This tells you that western politicians despise democracy and prefer to shine the shoes of the power.”

To be honest it doesnt get much hotter than that, and it all seems a little forced. The language, the reportage etc. Still question is does he have a point and should we be proud that Chomsky is singling us out, or even noticing us, or is it all a bit of grandstanding from the man?


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