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My Goodness, My Airport


Fresh from a raft of privatisation, the airports in this country stand at the center of another ideological drive by the pds. Such wonderful news it is to hear that i not only do we get to choose the airline we fly with but also from which terminal we get to leave from ("terminal 2 is so much more airy darling...", "the coffee in one is outstanding"). Without being excessively cynical i wonder how much of this has to do with a certain low cost airlines attempt to ensure low cost labour at the low cost terminal.
We irish should know better than most that in matters of infrastructure you get what you pay for, or not in the case of the health service. I am apalled by such brazen attempts to hold progress to ransom because there is going to be demands for jobs, proper pay and working conditions by the unions in a DAA built second terminal. I have no objection to populating the workforce in T2 with foreigners willing to do the work. I have a problem with a government that sets up a system where they can be taken advantage of, bereft of union recognition and advocacy.
This terminal is about more than airlines and the cattle they herd onto their airborn marts. It is about people, jobs and the surrounding community.
By the way has anyone considered the fact that the CO2 emmissions from our shining new airport are going to go untaxed because of government cowardice in the face of big business. thats one for another day but for now i am calling on both goverment parties to come down from their tree and promote people for a change. Public tranport would benfit far more from a direct rail link to the airport, providing commuters with reliable effecient and eco-friendlier transport.
micheal o leary can piss off in his taxi.
Red rover

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