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Bertie's Northern Noises


The Bertster was in London yeserday to meet the Rev Paisley for a bit of a natter about the prospect of peace and power sharing in the north. the aftermath of hte meeting yielded some interesting noises from bertie regarding his own expectation for the IRA in the run up to a Statement next month. the rumblings seem very SF positive and mark the continuation of a substantial move by Ahern to bring the Irish government back onside with sinn Fein and balance the relationship.
Having said that desiring the IRA to turn into an old boys club or "commemorative organisation" is a fair request, simply a nationalist orange order. However the moves are also likley to indulge a popular conspiracy theory in the next few days that FF are grooming SF into electorally supportable sucessors to the PDs as coallition partners and its is hard to deny that bertie doesnt seem as scared by them anymore electorally. perhaps he is engaging in a bit of electoral gamesmanship as a means of keeping the PDS in toe.
Red Rover

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