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Brian Rossiter Again


For those who read both myself and Irishcorruption.com on the Brian rossiter case but couldnt track down the story in Village there is a condesed version of the article in today's SBP by Vincent Browne.
Again the questions ring loud and clear. Again the seriousness of the allegations are far in excess of anything levelled at Frank McBrearty. There is a 14-year old boy who may have died as a result of Garda abuse while in custody. There are far too many signs of an attempted cover up and even more signs of the Minister Michael Mcdowell trying to divert all attention away from such a damning series of events.
If, in any way shape or form, the gardai are responsible for the death of Brian Rossiter then heads will roll all over the shop. This is a story that looks likely to rumble on and on. If it does then the lid could blow off it right around the time of the General Election.
Finally i am concerned by the seeming blanking of coverage of this issue except by Browne and the Ireland on Sunday today. This seems to me that again our crime correspondents ave let us down by being so intertwined with the Gardai in the hunt for leaks and stories. For those not aware it is this cosy relationship that keep bad headlines for Gardai off the Airwaves except in extreme cases. The return for the journos is that they get privelaged leaks. Well sadly they have again doused themselves in glory by not building p momentum or public concern over such a serious issue.
This issue looks to me like the potential death knell for mick Mac, he is trying to ignore it. It certainly wont go away though. Nor should it.

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