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Disability injustice


Sparing a thought for the much overlooked tribulations of the O’Carolan family, the awarding of costs today is among the least of their worries. Again this government has fought long and hard to try to convince us it is doing the least possible to live up to its constitutional obligations.
The disability legislations has become so watered down that it now enshrines little or no actual rights for the disabled of our community.
Since disability campaigners walked out of the talks with government there has been little concerted effort by government to get them back onside. Surely following the fact that a boy with severe autism cannot be catered for in the institutions of the state it is time again for someone in the government to put up their hand and say that enough is enough. Disabiltiy rights are part and parcel of the equal society that most of us believe in.
This government has moved a long way from promising rights based legislation for last November in 2003. Now most groups are waiting to see what the legislation looks like having little or no input unless rights will be guaranteed.
Having seen the trauma that the O Carrolan family endured at the hands of an inept state care system, one can only be moved to agree with campaign groups when they argue for rights and legal recourse to ensure proper care is given. Since no government is required by statute to give adequate care it must fall to interpretation of the constitution to give it. Having come such a long way economically in such a short space of time, we really need a reform based government who are willing to tidy up the mess left by the whirlwind of economic globalisation and the devastation it wreaks on social cohesion and care.

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