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Q&A Tonight


just watchng the unusually interesting Q&A this evening and il tell you this, i am convinced now more than ever in my pet theory that following the departure of Bertie from the FF kingship his replacement will be his namesake Dermot. The man is perma-tanned, polished, eloquent and inoffesive to most. above that he comes across as genuinely thoughtful and able to conduct himself internationally. I dont aim to become a cheerleader for FF nor for any single policy of faction therein.
However i am constantly returning to Ahern as the man to take FF in a new direction. its a pet theory and you can all call me up over it if he fails.
Alongside this i am struck by the degree to which yer man stokes reads opendemocracy. His whole reply on Africa resembles the Article on African Democracy i linked to earlier.
Also its impossible to conceive of Mairead Mcguinness not being parachuted into a constituency for FG in the next GE. *hat tip*-phoenix
Also on Europe i was coincidentally reading john gray this evening and am swayed by the argument that Europe will be better off with britain throwing stones at it rather than trying to influence it. More on all this tomorrow.
Finally back to Q&A where again the African problem was discussed in the vacuum which failed to advocate a wholistic solution to Africa requiring action on Democracy, Governance, Debt, Aid, privatisation and Trade rules.
Talk to ye all tomor.

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