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Still no fire in UUP election


Apparantly this is because Sir Reg has it sewn up.
Began rummaging for stuff that might help me make sense of the UUP election found this in todays Sunday Times by Liam Clarke. Typically sycophantic but at least he gives some look at the positions of the leaders. Empey is to only one im familiar with and he can be very tough when he needs to be (here and here). I wanna know which one has the vision to move forward and recapture the center ground. Still no sign of life on planet UUP election but il keep searching.
As usual its Slugger which makes some sense and none to little laughs out of it. Ive officially been bored to tears by UUP naval gazing only bettered by that of their blue bretheren across the pond. Collective tory naval gazing is no fun.

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