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US block inquiry into Uzbek revolt


this from CS monitor exposes again the impossible double standards of US foreign policy. The states are blocking any attempt by NATO to inquire into the shooting of civilians last month in what other international groups are terming a 'massacre'. this is unsurpirisng but hugely disheartening for advocates of international justice. the positioning of a US airbase in southern uzbekistan seems to be causing headaches but its nothing the us is unused to.
The more things change, the more the us reverts to securing tin pot and repressive dictators at the expense of the saftey and security of the civilians. Of cousre such realpolitik calculations are necessary only because of the idealism and revolutionary zeal of a neo-con strategy to reform and 'civilse' much of the world in the image of the USA. There are also energy considerations to look after no doubt.
Having said that these excuses make little or no difference to the people who desire justice and basic freedoms and rights in Uzbekistan. The us could have put a lot of muscle behind democratic rhetoric but again when it came to the crunch it is found wanting. imposing actions and/or sanctions is a very difficult step for the bush Regime caught in bed with the enemy. while there is little moral credit left to spend for the US it is completely gone now.
That shouldnt stop calls for an inquiry and even involvement of the ICC at some stage.
International politics is rehularly a decision between two evils, but for a government hell-bent on defeating evil and terror it might be best to look in ones own closet first.
Red Rover

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