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as an afterthought to the last post, it goes without saying that Mcdowell will need to stand up to a rowdy backbench with license to cause trouble. FF are not so foolish as to invite oversight of what they engage in in our name. this is irrelevant for the most part, however the mass media has shown little or no interest in regulation of principle and content and any libel reform will have to ensure that a freer press is more bound to publish in good faith and truth. the principles of democracy have long held out the value of press freedom, however a free press is a little like a free five-year old. they are handy but need to be taught their place.
the media never really engages with ideas of them as the fourth estate in any meaningful manner. it is simply a tag they accept and do their own thing anyway. the opportunity presented here is to set up a framework where the media can act as genuine overseer of public behaviour and complement our Dail system. we need to overhaul the Dail but such a move seems a long way off. This will undoubtedly become messy but there is an onus on the blogger community to watch all sides and ensure a victory for free speech and responsible reporting of government.
I am however not going to hold my breath that the need for accountability culture on this fair isle will be satiated by Mcdowell legislation. however i wish him all the best in his next crusade
Red Rover

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