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Will they impeach Bush?


Reading the Guardian Blog and blatantly pilfering a source or four i am intrigued by the new campaign to impeach Bush over the Iraq war. we all remember that implicating memo which appeared in the Sunday Times in May that suggested both Bush and Blair were committed to military action a year before the war became a genuine issue, this campaign are attempting to mobilise the wheels of congress to garner support for a motion to impeach bush.
A recent event in congress had the attendence of over 30 congressmen. All democrats needless to say.
No doubt the white house is cacking its impeccably pressed pants at the prospect of a Kenneth Starr figure hounding the final years of a Bush presidency and scuppering efforts to remake the world in their image.
What is surprising is the degree to which this story is developing legs. it seemed to have died rather quickly after the Times scoop. Its heartening to see such momentum being built up to call actors to account over their actions. i have little expectation of seeing bush and the neo-cons hauled before a congressional hearing but i can hope.
Going by the follow up to the blog post from salon.com, there does seem to be movement among the constipated and supine american media to ask questions (shock) over the issue. The retort of dredging up history sounds eerily familiar to those who followed the UK election. nonetheless it is this line which put into my mind the strongest asset this campaign has going for it:
"'Many of us find it unacceptable to put our brave men and women in harm's way, based on false information,' Mr Conyers said."
Simply, the americans have a cultural intolerance for body bags and the more men and women that are flown home in coffins the stronger the weight will become for inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the Iraq war.
The Republicans are talking and fighting dirty by scheduling important votes at the same time as this hearing/meeting but eventually the power of will and the inexorable force of American culture could bring about unforseen consequences. With the neo-cons moving off to pastures new (the WB and rich lobby groups) it oculd be the Bush family dynasty that suffers most in this process.

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