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Like Kids at a Party


Well the whole party just collapsed in a heap of messing as the children in attendence couldnt keep their eyes from the cake for long enough to enjoy the games of musical chairs. Such is life in the EU one supposes and any media outlet that dares to project this current impasses into history as teh way things will be forever is foolish.
The messing about on the Rebate and on CAP is perhaps the best example of vacuous and meaningless dialogue in existence. never once was the argument engaged with and hard facts traded, merely insults and generalities which suited either side. This past summit is a major reason why people disengage with Europe so what do they do? More of the same.
I would have liked some discussion on action on issues that affected the actual noes of France and Holland and some of the Prospective noes of other states. This place is becoming crazier and crazier. genuine concerns exist within electorates of EU member states, some are concerned about wealth Gaps and others about farm subsidies, some are perplexed by the democratic deficit and many many many wonder what the hell the EU does.
Time to wake up gentlemen in you suits and ties and realise that EU citizens wish to call the shots and international posturing only makes one look like a Turd. The issues of the day i shall come to presently, right now i am angry at the wasted opportunity to take EU in a new direction and give it renewed impetus. Shame on Chirac and Blair for turning this into a vanity project.
Red Rover

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