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North Korea


the U.S. last night threated to refer North korea to the security council for breaches of its nuclear obligations. does anyone think it might be motivated to take some action over the number of people that are currently atarving to death in the state? i see international intervention looming not to subvert any large scale loss of life but to make sure these people wont attain nuclear weapons. I understand anything needing done in N.K needs to go through China first but this is ludicrous. the international community can only act to restore lost faith in it by being concerned about BOTH humanitarian and security issues. if the US is willing to force the issue on nukes then why not go the whole hog and address the under development and hunger in north korean society.
it is funny how the states chooses to deal with a state that actually has WMD as opposed to one that we knew had none. that in itself should have set off alarm bells pre-iraq.
Red Rover

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