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Creationism and Liberal Zealotry


SOme worrying news comes to us from publictheologian.com, regarding the actions of academics in the U.S. toward a journal editor who decided to publish an article in a biology journal on cretaionism. For those who have been mia, the debate in the us over intelligent design versus darwinism seems to be hotting up as Bush gets closer to leaving the White House.
Creationism, Intelligent Design, Darwinism(Evolution).
I encourage you to read on but in true liberal fashion I support defeating this theory through channels of debate and argument. Hounding an editor over such a decision sounds more like the religious zealots than liberal zealots. Both are as harmful as the other. To abandon principles held dear to liberals in order to prevent an argument is not something praiseworthy. Lets have it out with the creationists and lets win. Also from PT, this post is on the debate.

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  1. Anonymous EWI | 6:52 p.m. |  

    You misspelled "cretinism" ;-)

  2. Blogger Cian | 1:49 a.m. |  

    LOL! ; >

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