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A nation at war...with itself


I return to find some of the UK blogosphere entranced by the reaction of the left to Islamism. The antics of George Galloway seem to have been causing a stir across the pond as well as reactions of Stop the War coallitions and others to the new anti terror moves.
I plan on commenting more globally on the UK reaction soon. For now though it seems that the left has finally fallen out of love with the fellow-traveller syndrome which Nick Cohen rightly points out, as did Orwell in his essays, was rife from the thirties onward.
The current recriminations taking place on the left seems to mark an attempt to move away from the global religion of socialism and my enemies enemy is my friend toward some more practical attempt to make out what consititutes left wing morality and attempt to support action which promotes that.
Its great to see those like cohen flex the intellectual muscle they have and it is certainly challenging to see. The left does have questions to answer over the strange bedfellows picked up in the name of fighting capitalism.

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