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Get Rid of John Waters or Kevin Myers


Or both, and give Twenty Major at least one column a week.

So to recap - Rangers fans hate Celtic fans. Celtic fans hate Rangers fans. Rangers fans want to march, Celtic fans oppose. Police presence minimal, handiness of weapons and missiles optimal, scumbag count, high. Result - trouble. Quel surprise.
Also on the topic of new commentators, welcome Copernicus' midnightcourt with a massively salient point at this juncture:
Gay Mitchell made the excellent point that these bastards are doing this shit in certain communities on a constant basis. Of course that's perfectly tolerable to our incredibly complacent government and bourgeois Tygger society as long as our leafier burbs aren't affected. Stand up the boys in the camel-hair coats and their chums in the construction industry who ghettoised swathes of the population in a process of self-enrichment in the 70s and 80s.
This is a deeper and more persistent problem for many than a one night stand on O Connell street. Not an excuse but a point of fact to be borne in mind by all of us hoping to figure out some remedy to the cycle of violence.

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