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Paddy's Day, A Match Against the English for Silverware and....


Im only thinking of one thing, April fools day.

Today is the day all people of all colours and in all places decide they like the way we drink and do so in our honour. Tomorrow is the day that the Irish are led into the bowels of the great oppressor to try and secure some silverware in the Triple Crown or, unlikely, the Six Nations Championship. The atmosphere will be intense, with the collective Irish sentiment still lingering over the stadium like a chinese smog. There will be little that can lift it if we win and little that can lift it if we lose. On Saturday all will be Irish, simply because its more fun.

Yet I cannot focus on such a close object without going cross-eyed. Cross-eyed with excitement and cross-eyed with worry. For soon April fools will be upon us. Munster will be trotting out in the Quarter Finals of the Heineken Cup, the roar of the best fans in the world will ring out and all will be well again in the world. While Perpignan fans tend to be bad travellers, we can never know about the team. So we need all hands on deck.

Saturday needs to yield a clean bill of health to the munster participants. Paul o Connell is going to give 150% as usual, all we can do is hope he gets out unscathed. For some Irish, this will be a longer weekend than anticipated, for others it will be revelling as never before.

Once we get through Saturday unscathed, then the party begins and on April 1st the games return.


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  1. Blogger wulfbeorn | 12:18 p.m. |  

    It was a great match with an unbelievable finish. Ireland continues to punch well above its weight!

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