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Browne Goes Munster Red


Ha Ha he is red already, yes i get it, but I actually mean to turn your attention to his special show tonight on the forthcoming matter of reaching the Holy Grail.

Brendan Foley, Michael Corcoran and others wax lyrical about the privelage of being from the best part of the world. The show is live from Shannon RFC. If you have been looking for something to wind you up further before you step aboard your carriage to Cardiff, this ought to do the trick.

The show can be listened to once its been posted here.

Some omens for you all, Heineken sponsor both European Cups. In the one on Wednesday the team in their away kit lost. Hopefully the real Heineken Cup will generate the same outcome.

The match with Leinster brought Munster fans out into the open of the blogosphere so a question for you all; what superstitions are you engaging in before the match? Jersey not washed since start of season (a friend of mine)? Pop your pre-match or during the match superstitions in the comments.

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  1. Blogger Simon | 3:37 a.m. |  

    Should get myself a Rabbitee foot :)

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