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Lebanon and Palestine


I think the following from the Beirut Daily Star should be borne in mind by everyone who is watching in horror the unfolding attacks on the civilians in Lebanon.

Lebanese civilians, who have absolutely no control over the events that are unfolding, and who once again find themselves in the eye of the storm, are now bracing for the very worst. Their darkest fear is that as they helplessly repeat the act of watching history unfold on their land, this time the promise of Lebanon's resurrection will itself become history.

The soldiers have been taken by Hamas and Hizbollah. Now it is the citizens of both countries that are paying the price. Collective punishment is illegal under Geneva Conventions. In refusing to accept the premise that by simply being lebanese or palestinian one is a terrorist, we must accept that the path to peace lies nowhere near the escalation of violence.

Thoughts too with MacDara in the Leb.

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  1. Blogger mnuez | 3:48 p.m. |  

    I could agree with your sentiments with regards to Lebanon - to a point. Regarding the Palestinians however, you appear to be overlooking the fact that Hamas IS the government and therefore as indistinguishable as the United States military is of the Presidency and the american people. In the same manner as the American people voted for the government that went into Iraq, the Palestinian people voted for the government that kidnapped an Israeli, killed two others daily launches rockets against sovereign Israeli territory.

    Israel's goal however - both with regards to the Palestinians and Hizballlah - is NOT to target civilians but rather the military that is attacking them. Doing so however will obviously lead to some civilian deaths - that's what happens in wars.

    You should take notice however of the fact that Israel is far more careful THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD to avoid civilian deaths. I think that not taking that into consideration displays some sort of double standard towards the Jews. Does it not?

  2. Blogger Cian | 11:58 p.m. |  

    on the contrary Mnuez, i couldnt give a monkeys about jews or arabs. An ethnicity gives no one the instant right to moral superiority or correctness.

    Hamas presents a far more difficult scenario than Hezbollah. If any state is to be taken to task for hezbollah's actions its syria.

    Hamas presents difficulties in that it is the elected party of governemnt but then the choice was between them and Fatah-both with armed wings. It is difficult to imagine the current situation bringing a party without an army to power in Gaza/West Bank.

    i have no issue with Israels existence. They have a right to exist and that is something that must not be negotiated. My problem lies in collective punishment as a means of bringing down those in power. It doesnt work and it only backfires in the end.

    Suicide bombers are armed with homemade devices and hatred. You can only do two things to stop them
    1) stop them making bombs
    2) stop them hating.

    As a policy for dealing with suicide bombers it doesnt make sense to me to blow the bits out of the society from which they are drawn. I understand that there are those in hamas and hezbollah who care only about destroying israel-there are others in israeli jails who see that the only way is a two state solution.

    Cultivating these elements of palestinian society seem to get relegated no?

    You should take notice however of the fact that Israel is far more careful THAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD to avoid civilian deaths.
    Im not there and i honestly dont know.

    I think that not taking that into consideration displays some sort of double standard towards the Jews. Does it not?

    Nope i dont actually think it does. all i advocated was the right of lebanese citizens to be left out of all this. I feel the exact same about an israeli in Tel Aviv

    This time around i dont think we are messing with the usual blame game of who started what or whos acts are worse-we are dealing with the potential for another great war-in their undoubted position of power there is considerable responsibility on israel to prevent that occurring.

    Not alone israel, mind you, but as one of hte west closest allies in the area, i would suggest they have a lead position.

  3. Anonymous SinĂ©ad | 8:22 p.m. |  

    Apologies for hijacking this post, but just wondering where your post on culture and consumption has disappeared to?
    I only got around to checking bloglines tonight and see it in there, but not on your blog.
    I'd like to read it, if it turns up!

  4. Blogger Cian | 11:17 p.m. |  

    I really hate blogger sometimes. Its swallowing posts and screwing around on me.

    Anyhow it should be up now.

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