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Haughey Wasnt God


In a shock break with the aura surrounding the funeral of CJ Haughey, the church-of-those-who-seek-to-recall-the-utter-shite-of-the-eighties-and-the-lies-CJ-fed-the-irish-people was moved to release a statement which reiterated that CJ was not God. With the impression coming from most fawning media quarters and the speeches being trotted out by government for the recent days that not alone did Haughey's shit not smell but that he didnt shit at all they felt the need to inject some reality into the piece.

A bit harsh, you say. Nonsense. Gavin has it spot on. The agenda here is a happy coincidence of media and government interest. Its mid-june and there is nothing happening for the media to turn into a sound bite. On the comedown from the A Case fallout they are looking for a quick fix. Haughey's legacy is the story which will run and run for as long as is desired and can be pounced upon with a minimum of forethought and consideration. That clear and present need coincides with ongoing goverment attempts to rehabilitate Haughey's career into the shining path of leaders.

Haughey respected public institutions? What about obstructing McCraken?
He served the people? When it suited.
Haughey was not satan, nor was he God.

He was a man who sought to pursue his own agenda and his own interest. He was ruthless when crossed and had incredible skill in legislating. He was a mixed bag motivated by personal advancement. He did good and he did bad. This whitewash swinging to nice-guy-charlie gently poking us into prosperity, leading the backward into the light and (were are never allowed to forget) giving free travel to pensioners belittles us more than Charlie could ever be accused of.

He was a man of great charisma with a liking for gettting is own way. He did what he needed to get his own way. They know it, no more of that.

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