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Talking With Iran Is a Good Thing


The US Adminstration has begun to move toward the possibility of talks with Iran's government over the issue of nuclear production. This is and can only be a good thing. The US is the worlds most powerful state, militarily and economically. While the west and the world undoubtedly has an issue with Iran possessing nuclear weapons, very few of us are equipped to bring about, on an international stage, any form of peaceful resolution to this issue.

There have been numerous fears that the war drums were being beaten and a path being trodden to Tehran, where a bloodbath would ensue and possible set the course for history in the embryonic century which we are living in. That possibility has been lessened but not done away with.

The United State is an entity of love and hate but no matter what on a cool rational appraisal it is a state, the state, with power in the global system. If it is threatening force with a state, one would expect there to be some dialogue before such an ultimatum is acted upon. The move to talk carries strings of course but the prospect for the Iranians of the first official discussion with the US since the Embassy siege should serve as incentive enough to comply with the demands liad down.

Personally I dont think this is the time to revel in the notion of the US getting taken down a peg or two but a time to revel in the possibility that the march to war has taken a detour through reason. The US is the most powerful state in the world and it is clear that only with the US operating at the top table could the EU3 and Russia achieve any progress of note. This move presents an opportunity for opening up a path to peace across the broader middle east also, should both the US and Iran put in place the background which is condusive to positive dialogue and engagement.

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