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Hello And Welcome Back


The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that ive been finished since yesterday, I am free of the beast for another year. My plan for saturday worked a treat. 4 essays in 1:15 arrived into the pub at 3:20 to catch Stringer going over for the try. Given that it was ballsbridge the place was thronged with red jerserys and limerick accents. It was like a slice of home.

There wasnt a dry eye in the house at full time and rightly so. The passion, determination and mental strength that pulled this team through coupled with the almost supernatural link with the following are rarified aspects of sport in this age. We were both honoured and privelaged to see the men from Munster reach the highest point of their careers in an almost karmic manner. Returning to Cardiff was about exorcising demons and proving that this team was not built from passion alone but from the very stuff of legendary rugby sides. The professionalism and talent that coursed through that side, even the underrated backline, are the difference between the Leicester final and last Saturday.

Monday mornings exam passed thankfully and I returned to my bed. Tuesday's exam too was fine and Im confident that my August is free. But my weekend belongs to the boys in red. Thank you lads, though you dont read me probably, for the most emotional years of sport and I hope its not over. Personally I feel there is a Phil Mickelson in this team where once the duck is broken there are three or four majors in them. They now know how to finish the deal, the experience of getting to the top and earning every single inch will stand to them.

The development players are coming along well, Murphy (though injured) Dowling, Manning and the two lads off to Leinster are all in the squad on development contracts. Add to Saturdays team the following factors- a fully fit Marcus Horan, fully fit Paul O Connell, Alan Quinlan, possibly Cullen if they renew the contract, fully fit John Kelly, Murphy and Chris Wyatt from Wales. Youll excuse me if I think the future has a bit more red in it.

And if I'm right, it wont be long before the munster bloggers come together and sing the online praises of the boys in red. Stand Up and Fight? More like Come and Get Us!

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  1. Blogger Auds | 10:12 p.m. |  

    Congrats on everything so - the rugby, the exams. May you wallow in your joy.

  2. Blogger Cian | 11:06 p.m. |  

    Cheers Auds,
    May you wallow in your joy.
    i think i might have managed enough of that already!!

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