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Leinster Baiting


Got this in the email, not sure how many of you have spotted it so here is some good old fashioned Leinster baiting;
Dear Lynnster supporter (all 16 of you),

Where to start? Ok, in no particular order then ( bit like your forwards
display ):

1. Thanks for taking out Toulouse for us - nice gesture, we really appreciate


2. Love the way you and your journos raised yourselves higher than God over
the last 3 weeks - loved even more taking you back down to earth Sunday

3. Thanks for selling us most of your ticket allocation - and you were surprised

when you saw the sea of red? You just don't get it, do you?

4. Thanks for the fabulous weather on the day - perfect for Lynnsters running

5. Thanks for losing by such a margin that there can be no " what if's" over

the next 100 years

6. Special thanks to Felipe for spectacularly losing the head when rattled
by Dennis

7. On behalf of my friends in St John's Ambulance, thanks for a wonderful
opportunity to put our Heimlich manoveurs to the test, although next time
could you phone in advance to specify that there will be 15 chokers, not
just the usual 2 or 3 - you nearly caught us off guard there.

8. Thanks to Girv the Swerve for recapturing his form of last 3 seasons at\n
just the opportune moment. It was a close run thing but cometh the hour,
cometh the choker......

9. Thanks to Brown Thomas for cancelling the sale - at least there were some
Lynnster supporters in their home ground for their biggest challenge ever\n
( oops, nearly forgot about Perpignan 2003 - refresh my memory, wasn\'t that
a 30 pointer as well? )

10.Trevor wants to thank Guy for the pass ( how can you have a guy called
Guy on your team and expect to be taken seriously ?)\n

11. Ronan wants to thank \' Big Mal\' for thinking we were playing tip rugby

12. Thanks to Reggie for his standard knock on in a promising attacking position
- you can always rely on Reggie

13. We\'d like to thank the fella in the second row with Mal for not turning\n
up at all - another super Lynnster Southern Hemisphere investment - does
anyone know his name or if he actually touched the ball?

14. Thanks to Checks and Knoxy for getting the Lynnster boys to actually
believe that they could beat Munster - makes the victory all the sweeter!


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