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And on The Seventh Day


The clouds parted and so descended from the heavens a most majestic beast. The sky filled with light over the small confines of the rugby club. A great hand lowered into the realm of men. Finally after years of waiting a great wait was to be completed. His great hand lowered toward the realm of mere mortals, in it was the holy grail.
Would you believe he has a Tralee accent and the Holy Grail is not some dodgy bird but actually the Heineken Cup.
"Alryt boys, heres the cup like and a few players too." Nice one.

Spent yesterday in the company of the Grail which was escorted to Tralee by Barry Murphy. Fun was had and pictures taken on a phone which doesnt like my computer. If i ever figure out how to get the bloody things on to my laptop you are all gonna see them. Until then my heart and soul are still aglow at having been in the presence of something so special. C'Mon Munster.

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