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Ireland's Media Lens?

From mediaforum.ie comes news of an Irish experiment akin to the UK's medialens project. Mediabite has the look of 'still under construction' about it but should become an interesting place to go.

Impression is the best form of flattery?


1.29.2007 » Author: Cian » Comments:

Radio Reminder

If your around with nothing to do listen to Newstalk's Taste programme tonight at 8:45. Ill be on reviewing tomorrow's papers.


1.27.2007 » Author: Cian » Comments:

Critical Philosophy

In this final semester of my final year, the philosophy and politics courses are weighted toward the recent developments in philosophy etc. Which translates into lots of Derrida, Foucault, Ricouer and "radical" philosophy generally.

I have only been reading it for a week and I wonder (not originally I'm sure) why, for a philosophy of mass emancipation from power and life as a subject, it is so bloody impenetrable to the folk supposed to benefit from its very existence.

I realise that the ideas themselves are never easy as such and their power is in their popularisation by others. I am quite interested in some of these ideas and up for the read, but as a recent review of the Verso series of "Radical Philosophy" suggested, between Jargon and possible western-centric outlook it borders on inaccessible and irrelevant.

Which is a pity.


1.26.2007 » Author: Cian » Comments:

Radio Appearance

Its getting regular now!! On Newstalk tomorrow on Taste with Fionn Davenport looking at Sunday's front pages. Check it out from 8:45


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New Look

The new look is done, thanks the Philip Pankov for the beautful picture. Check his blog out as well as his pictures.


1.25.2007 » Author: Cian » Comments:

Radio Appearance

I'm due to be on the Wide Angle tomorrow morning on Newstalk. I'll be discussing the politics of the week at around 9:15 with other savoury characters.

Listen live from a Newstalk website.

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1.19.2007 » Author: Cian » Comments:

Shut it you slag

If you havent met them, they are possibly the funniest comedy going. Get it.

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Rely on the Youth

Twice this week, it has been driven home to me the value of trusting your youth programme to deliver the goods. Sport is about bringing new talent to the top as much as buying up others top talent and for two massively diverse reasons Munster and Newcastle have done that.

The former, through the pride and confidence of Munster Rugby, has relied on a few new local lads to work out results against Leinster and Connacht. Hurley, Coughlan and (arguably) Manning have show the quality that can be bestowed on a youth system by simply trusting it. Give the young lads the confidence of a team and managers belief and watch the world fall at their feet. I've taken the squids advice and herself (biggest fan I know) has a great present all going well.

Newcastle have a whole team out through injury and the lad David Edgar has come in from the youth team as a right-footed left-back to play fantastically against the in-form winger Ronaldo and score the goal which gave us a 2-2 draw against the Reds. I would have taken it before kick off and after a disappointing Christmas programme, it was a great tonic. Roeder is doing good work with a decimated side and UEFA cup qualification is the best hope for the premiership. He has been forced to trust Huntingdon and Edgar before time (a fate which saw Chopra leave for Cardiff in the long run). Yet alongside Ramage and Taylor the boys suggest that Newcastle may enjoy in a few seasons (for the first time in a decade) a defence worthy of the name.

Youth is where teams are made. While transfers may get you a trophy, youngsters get you success.

1.02.2007 » Author: Cian » Comments: