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Back To My Point


I completely moved away from my point on suicide. However I shall return. The blight of suicide on our society is a growing one. The government has spun a good game but done little. Suicide is not a simple issue and I shall not attempt to look into its psychology today. People especially young people are tragically feeling life is not worth living and taking their own life. Who is responsible for hollowing out their existence until they despair so much? We are I fear. We have allowed people to fall to the margins in our quest for the panacea that is competitiveness. By unleashing the laws of the jungle that is neo-liberal capitalism on a society not completely ready for it we have began to pick people off as ruthlessly as nature would. Let us all hang our heads. We have all been complicit. The solution is not easy nor is the status quo. If it hasn't affected you then it will. And soon it seems. I am not advocating some return to hippy philosophy but our society needs to change. We must not lose sight of that fact. We will probably maintain our current obsession with profit and cars and all the other trappings of Irish middle class life. However when the specter of suicide alights on your doorstep remember our complicity. Life has become meaningless, education has become pointless for many. I return again to my point of this government being economically dynamic but socially inept (exceptions obviously exist but their promotion is as likely as my receiving a webby).Other parties aint much better. The lot in FG are wonderfully tactful at populist themes but they are still Christian democrats. Preaching private morality and tax cuts. One dimensional and bereft of ideology. Don't look left yet they are busy being 'alternative'. I am encouraging the left to get is sorted. I remain convinced that only a fresh outlook on society will begin to solve this problem. Focus on community care community inclusion and community engagement and education. The left should begin discussing such matters as potentially joint policy platforms. We can no longer offer alternative government. We must begin offering alternative politics too. The Irish are a good natured sort. Talk and engage with them and you'll find them willing to lend you their vote. We must start now. Really examine the state of Irish society in all its hollow soullessness and begin discussing our options. People will follow but we must set the agenda. Red Rover

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