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All elections are local


For those who were slightly bemused by my utterings on iran's election here then this might interest you from iranScan. As i said earlier the division of Irans candidates into pro-west reformers and anti-west conservatives is disingenuous to the real reasons iranians voted as they did.
All elections are local and this is no different. The result was a funciton of social inequality and disillusionment with the ability of reformist candidates to achieve equality and success in their goals.
Not that the result has no impact on us, merely that the electorate didnt have us in mind when going to the polls and that is the real issue here. Inequality at home is abhorrent to all people and breeds apathy. This suits the establishment in tehran but it will also breed other threats under the guise of the Law of Unintended Consequences.
Iran is not always outward looking, if at all. Politics is local but reporting this election was a tad iffy for my liking.

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