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Some very provoking stuff from Harry on the attitude of the left to the insurgency in Iraq. He is of course quite right in his assertion that we should support the forces of democracy in Iraq while also being prepared even expected to criticise Bush, Blair and so many others who have led to such a mountain of human suffering.
I myself fully support all efforts to create democracy in the country but in saying so we must also countenance the prospect of failure which looms large over the whole project. It seems that democracy will never be accepted if it is seen as an american/collaborator fait accompli and stitch up.
Harry is right, to side with the monsters who are inflicting harm on innocents in Iraq is indefensible. To speak only against one side who is doing the damage is equally wrong. The way through the iraq problem as with Africa and most other states is to let them decide and own their system. There is no clear way for americans to do this so the status quo continues.
This self-defeating spiral of violence can only be ended by iraqis. I am fuly behind all attempts to reign in insurgents, including negotiation. The violence must end before democracy begins.
The democracy needs to be home grown and without undue influecnce to enshrine trade/economic liberalisation if the iraqis do not want it. I fear that in this regard the temptation to meddle may be too much for the US.

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