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M50 is completed


Today heralds the extension of the large commuter car park that circumnavigates the city. There are still grave questions however that havent been answered over issues relating to the section.
Who exactly owns the land at Carrickmines where the road goes through?
Who benefitted from the rezoning of land to accomodate the M50?
The tribunals are of course dealing with this themselves and many of us have lost interest in the whole enterprise. We shouldnt though. This matters greatly for drawing a principled line in the sand in irish politics, we must stand and say the corruption of the eighties and of the broader FF establishment cannot go on. Ireland must be willing to stand tall against the vested interests of developers who have so hindered proper development of Dublin and created a maze of traffic and misery for so many.
Standing up requires facts and apologies. We must support the endeavours of our tribunals to secure truth and justice in the face of apathy and carelessness.
The future of irish politics is in bad hands if we cannot defeat the epedemic of corruption and self-interest in our planning and civic activity.
incidentally when cullen accuses those who object to motorway routes as robbing tax payers money, it is funny that the same accusation is not levied at our former and in some cases present establishment and certain business interests.

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