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New M50 Tolling


Apparantly the NRA are looking to make all tolling across the west link electronic. In my opinion the best way to deal with the west link is to blow it up. It is the last great relic of governmental malpractice stemming from the 80s. There is not the network to support tolling in that there is no alternative should one decide not to pay the toll. This is becoming a cash cow and a source of easy revenue. Any move on M50 tolling should be to abolish it.
This country owes its workers a decent standard of living. By imposing the unfair and exorbetant tax on communters at the M50 they are ensuring hours of endless drudge on the way to work and the way home for those who contribute so much to the irish economy.
This government shows little or no respect for those who put it there and through whose work the government can invest in the necessary infrastructure build.
One way to restore that respect would by abolishing the yolk on commuters collective necks.

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