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FG/Lab Coalition update


Story in the Sunday TImes today suggesting that FG and labour may come to a compromise regarding th enumber of candidates FG will field so as to allow LAB to increase its seaat numbers aswell and thus not feel too robbed by FG in terms of votes etc. This is all part of the increasing number of feelgood stories around the coalition partners in waiting at the moment as the government lurches from one ineptitude to another.
Reading further through the article it becmoes clear what the true purpose of the story/leak is. As noted by the talking head in the article, little if any advantage will accrue to labour even in the event of FG cutting candidate number, thus its a win/win for FG again. This though is not what i meant by the 'true purpose'.
That is reserved for the tail end of the article which suggests that things in FG are really looking up becaue hey are reconnecting with voters through the Anti-Social Behaviour roadshow currently being conducted by FG. This article like the one regarding Kenny's penchant for cycling and hard graft scream of electability.
The target for seduction though is the FG voter who has left the fold and still has to return. THis is the magic four or five percent that are missing in Poll data from historical trends, i.e. the number of FG voters that left them in the GE of 2002 and have yet to be rewooed.
The opposition is certainly trying to appear to be gaining momentum and all political atrategy aside there is a concerted effort to present things as positive, different and healthy.
The beginning of the FG path to electability in the eyes of voters starts here, methinks.

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