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US acts on Rogue States


From RTE via the Washington Post this morning comes news that the caped crusader of the white house is tilting at the next windmill. This comes in the form of a crackdown on the US assets of those doing business with Regimes ordained to be rogue states in the eyes of the Worlds-only-superpower TM.
Just a few issues I have, and I encourage all right thinking individuals to consider this point, who exactly decides and on what criteria just what is a failed state. How about those in Africa like DRC where war has been waged for years and over 4Million people have been slaughtered? I don't see assets being frozen of the Diamond and resource corporations doing business in a failed state and breeding ground for hardline fighters.
Nope it is the usual lazy assumption that only the axis of evil need to be considered and none of our messier allies like the shower over in Uzbekistan need to be fingered in the crackdown. The states has made an art-form out of hypocrisy in recent years, freezing PLO accounts etc etc but this smacks of undiluted stupidity and crass double standards. The businesses doing most harm to global security are those which undermine state structures in pursuit of profit while condemning local inhabitants to poverty. It is from this poverty that stems an affinity for hardline Islam or nationalist support for a dictator.
The usual near sighted solution from Washington is to tar them as with us or against us and of course no country which supports corporate bottom lines could be a rogue state.

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