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AN insomniac reaction to Bush's Speech


The great PResident that lead the states in a new-era of post-september 11-tough love-warfare etc etc is in Fort Bragg. Bush is trying to rally the people of the US to the cause in Iraq with talk of founding fathers, democratic zeal, and the rights of each person to representation.
My late night reaction is to tell him stop furrowing and raising his eyebrows like a shit-eating second hand knife salesman. My head however wishes he would tell us all that he went to Iraq to secure the last region of the world where oil production can be ramped up.
Why wont he tell the people of america how many iraqis need to die to secure their way of life. Why doesnt he tell them that there were no WMD?
Why doesnt he tell them that Osama never liked nor worked with Saddam?
Instead he talks rambling about the new iraqi democracy, which has control of all of the green-zone in Baghdad and no more.
I am currrently reading John Pilgers 'Paying The Price' in his book "The New Rulers Of The World" it makes a speech by the PResident of the US on Iraq seem almost orwellian in its manpulation.
More detailed reaction tomorrow. For now i am sad. America still doesnt know about nor care to apologise for the 100,000 innocent people and children killed since the Gulf War II and over 1.5Million killed since Gulf I. Thats genocide in anyones language.
This man is a war criminal and so are his henchmen. The iraqi democracy is to be a puppet regime busy trying to control sectarian rifts while the states busily extract oil.
We should all bow our head in memory of those who die in our name.
For once the people in the US have it right. The war is wrong and america is a pox on the lives of so many in the middle east.

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