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No action of environment in UK


this across at the BEEB suggests that the Government in the UK is only paying lip service to the problems of global warming and more focussed on jobs. Personally i reckon its a little more comlex and that the UK government is focussed on votes aswell. there is no votes in trying to change peoples behaviour and it is a long ahrd trek of a debate ot have with an electorate. Many in the departments (esp the Treasury) have eyes on the big prize post-Blair and one cannot be surprised to see hard nosed calculation taking place.
However this is one of the many opportunities presented to our incumbents to do something necessary and constructive, if they squander it we may not enjoy the fruitsof their failure but our kids will. Doomsayers tend to be ignored but Global wrming is no longer doomsaying except in the white house.
All of us need to pay attention to the environment and governments need to get active in changing behaviour patterns in electorates.

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