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Reclaim internationalism


regarding the hope for the states to mesh the goal of security and humanitarianism, i think
the potential for restoring the US to its place at the heart of international action would be of benefit to anyone who believes a solution to poverty is possible. We can no longer afford to exclude or ignore those who wantonly allow their citizens to die. the right has stolen a march on the left in terms of international intervention, now we must reclaim an ideology as one which looks after the rights of citizens not safeguarding states and corrupt regimes. when the pope railed against relativism this is but one example of what he meant and i rarely agree with the pope.
it is the intensely relativistic activity of left wingers that needs to evolve. we cannot allow the right to commandeer the language of freedom and democracy to propogate some ulterior goal. it is time to move from iraq and begin to draw up goals and actions that positively define a progressive world view. we must focus on hunger, suffering and disease. poverty must be eradicated and to do this we need to begin to see a way around the relativistic position of non intervention in other states business. the republican right wasted no time in beginnning interfereing. it is only immoral and wrong when it benefits a cabal of rulers and big business. the progressive majority in this country needs to get behind affirmative dispersion of democracy coupled with education and fairness. the language and ideology of progressives has always been democracy without borders. we have allowed others to frame the new debate on what such a project and goal means but we must now come to the fore with a new progressive world view. the supporting of people over government and the elevation of all aspects of society to a fair and equal footing. we must reclaim this ground from those in the right and those who wish to follow differing goals using the same language.

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  1. Anonymous guile | 6:23 a.m. |  

    nice, cozy place you got here :)..

  2. Blogger Cian | 9:04 p.m. |  

    glad you like it,
    y'all come back now ya hear?!

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