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Question for the Arty Bloggers: Cultural Consumption


Sounds like Im about to get arty and intellectual, well its a challenge to the genuine culture vultures of this blogosphere. Is culture consumed? Or is it existed. Personally I hate the notion of cultural consumption, as if it is some static bought-off-the-shelf commodity rather than the historical emergence of people, ideas, materials, life and contingency.

To all bloggers with an interest in culture etc (not just the ones above since they fit the number of words) I am challenging you serious types to give me a better answer.

EDIT: To satiate your curiosity, its inspired by the blurb for this article at opendemocracy.

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  1. Blogger Kevin Breathnach | 1:11 p.m. |  

    I'll attempt - in vain, no doubt - to answer that sometime during the week.

  2. Blogger planetpotato | 10:45 p.m. |  

    Yes. yes it is.

  3. Anonymous ANP | 10:02 p.m. |  


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