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Michael and Conor, What were ye at?


Much has been written about the tirade of both ministers and tds. All I have to contribute to this is the profound disgust I feel at McDowell dismissal of immigrants with inflammatory language that promotes not one iota of conflict resolution or understanding. The PDs are quickly becoming a populist propaganda machine and shout be summarily bounced from office. Lenihan is a buffoon but McDowell knows the language he uses has serious implications in promoting racism. It is something that should appall us. we can no longer accept such low-life behaviour from our TDs.
SIPO should be about more than simply financial conduct. A TD is like a baby needing a nanny. our politics is corrupt and rife with intolerance and ignorance. These two only underlined it again.
Mcdowell's calculation that there is more racists than pd voters in the country is a smart one and could garner more votes come 2007 he certainly hasn't helped promote equality as is part of his brief.
Red Rover

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