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Disabitly Legislation and More bloody Government nonsense


The case of the disability legislation crosses the radar screen again tonight, 3 out of the 7 consulted organisations have now withdrawn from the process of drawing up the legislation because of government ineptitude. They require guaranteed minimum services for disabled children and adults. Having watched the tale of these parents and children it is hard not to be moved by their plight. Currently the only way of ensuring state services for a disabled person is a high court ruling. This is an abominable situation and one which we should be deeply ashamed of.
Current debate is being stonewalled by government spinning of figures. Over E100 million invested since some arbitrary date. I am not sure who is supposed to be proud of such a record however, 100 million and still no adequate care for the vulnerable in our society. Where is the anger? Locked up with our aspirations in the basement, we have a car park to live in.
People in our society desperately need the states help, they lie on trolleys each night in A&E, they fall through the cracks in schools because of special needs, they are forced to remain at home because the state cannot afford to help with therapy. While we have sanctioned government largesse, delivery has slowed to a standstill. It would be easier to get Bertie to set up a tribunal investigating why this is the case than to get responsive improvement out of this government.
The travesty of our treatment of mentally and physically disabled cannot be allowed to continue, these are members of our society and are entitled to their rights. They are entitled to our help and I am sure we would be willing to give it. We have stopped having debate and are reduced to mere point scoring. It is time we made a conscious decision to hold our leaders to account on delivery. Unfortunately we are in what might be termed the road mentality regarding delivery, the government is engaged in a road building programme this takes years and we cannot really judge until its completed fully. The same argument cannot apply to our consideration of the issue of disability rights.
I am willing to countenance more taxes or funding for a revived and responsive health service. I am no longer willing to support, through my taxes, a government that delays on major decisions influencing people’s lives.
We could all make a difference to this situation but not a single part of me expects national uproar outside Dail Eireann tomorrow. A change in attitude is a start.
The weakest and poorest in our society are not looked after. Their parents are forced to stay home and pay for the full time care of these individuals. The state looks on and rings its hands with well meaning. Meanwhile 100 million euro has fallen into a black hole. I would set it aside as a war chest and let the courts distribute it.
This state is falling down around our ears and we are stuck with a pack of well-spun delaying TDs who wouldn’t make a decision to save their political lives. Rights for all minorities and disadvantaged should be instituted post-haste; this should be followed up by direct funding of the treatment that is urgently required to guarantee some quality of life.
Heaven forbid we end up with more scenarios like the man from Cork with MS who went to Switzerland for assisted suicide. It is a sad indictment of our society if people are literally dying to leave it.
Red Rover

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