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Stem Cell raises its divisive head


Mary Harney was raising the spectre of stem cell research again today and in doing so raising the prospect of more bitter divisions within the government. I am struck by the willingness she shows to branch out on matters of great interest to the corporate health care sector and unwilling to look after public needs. She could be doing a great deal to reorganise the HSE s that it is not just an amalgamation of health boards,she could even shock us by looking at the potential for more beds and staff in A&E. Some fresh ideas on public health should occupy our agenda not some fanciful chase after millions of dollars in research money for stem cell research.
Its a debate worth having. But only when the emergency issues are taken care of. This issue looks set to underline the increasing timidity of our government to make strong decisions on the direction of our country. Such inactivity makes the lads in FG looks positively progressive with their policy initiatives. initiatives don't cut it but at least its a start. This government has parked so much debate that the Abbotstown development must be needing a car park at this stage. We must open our mouths and begin to expect more from our leaders. We didn't elect them to chase money all over the globe. We elected them to look after society.
The weak the young the old all require attention urgently. Time again to look at those journalistic consciences around our cosy Dail bar and begin to have meaningful debate. Where should the health service go? Where should priorities lie? Why are the PDs-a one trick 2 dimensional free-market pony-in the biggest social jobs in government? I am tired of being a commodity. I desire action and I desire change. Lets begin considering where we are going and why we are letting Mary hearney divert us with the issue concerning corporate America.
We need beds. Then we can discuss abortion, stem cell research and the role of the church in setting state policy. If you value it, vote for it-to borrow a phrase-or at least signal your intention to. The plaster aint working. PD/FF coalition no thanks.
Red Rover

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