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Post Election in the North


Having finally watched the last coverage of the election in the north seep off our screen i think the coast is clear to make a contribution with my two cents. MY initial reaction was dismay at the degree of support the DUP received. one would have thought a strategy of divide and conquer would have worked into naionalist hands better. however i am growing in belief that paisley is a man who one can do a deal with.
Why do i say this? well put simply he is a northern solution to a northern problem. the unionists were too british by a half and affiliations and misplaced identity made anything but rule from westminster impossible for them to countenance. the dup is a very different animal. it is a beast born and bred in ulster with its own identity. where the UUP were looking to london for political support and inspiration the DUP extract it from the grassroots of northern ireland.
this means that above all else the DUP identity is less slavishly british and more distinctively ulster. such a mood within the party is reflective of a broader consensus on northern identity, the people of ulster are growing in economic and social confidence as a result they no longer look to other capitals for guidance but to each other. its not a perfect place to be but it shows signs of growth. this growth is translating into parties which are more ulster that anything else, a modern product, or at least evolving product, of community on the ground.
my point is that because the DUP is an ulster solution there is no more important thing for them than holding power in ulster. such a move is more in tune with the thinking of the DUP than the UUP, of course elections were fought on anti cooperation platforms but core voters like to hear a core message. this time it could be different, it wont be easy nor will it happen straight away but watch the DUP grow into a deal to bring back powersharing and devolution. then the real issues of northerners can be addressed after 30 years of diversion. they deserve better than that make sure they get it this time ian.
Red Rover

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