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Heady Ideology


I am reading Mobiots 'age of consent' presently and am struck by his chapters on global trade etc and the influence of capital. It struck me that as Ireland is the second most globalised economy in the world, have our politicians truly lost all power. Their activity is reduced to measly points scoring and meaningless debate around the fringes of policy. My view is that they have been squeezed for legitimacy by an increasingly coherent EU from above and from corporate influence on the ground.
This government is hamstrung by its marriage to international capital as a source of income and will continue to hemorrhage power in all directions with the Europe of the regions initiatives. we better prepare for a long slow death of Irish autonomy for its coming thick and fast. our reluctance to engage in meaningful action against corporate interests in society for fear of appearing anti-business is laughable. The state is responsible to its citizens and as such must act as a barrier which protects our interests. When the government switches sides we are the most vulnerable. If you can bring yourself to examine the people around you in the traffic jam on the way home, ask where there loyalty lies and why you have not harnessed your power to bring about positive change in your life. That is a start. If you did that you mightn't be up at six every morning to beat the traffic and give your boss an extra two hours a day. Where are you going and what do you desire from Irish society?Its your call, 2d work and spend or 3d individuality and direction?
Red Rover

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