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Bertie Bowl II- the airborn sequel


just a quick post before i hit the road for four hours this evening. listenting to the accounts of Cullens speech yesterday, it really strikes that the airport terminal rift is beginning to look like BertieBowl part deux. like all good sequels its a pale copy of the former and far more likely to bomb. THe PDs are irate that noone is interested in building a privately run terminal and that the big siptu member in iveagh house has begun briefing against the idea.
the thing with Bertie is he keeps his powder dry untill its most explosive and effective for use, doubtless he is still ruffled over the Abbotstown mess but it seems like revenge is going to be sweet, will this be the chance to push the TDS from the nest and return to the 'gene pool' of independent FF tds?
it sure sounds like a romantic notion and many backbenchers are known to support it. i would be less reactive. it is unlikely that a Pd party could last over a year in the wilderness of opposition without serious electoral implications, they may be unhappy with FF reimposing their will on government but that seems to be tough luck. the calculation must be stay in government at least for another year or be damned to a slow death.
harney and mcdowell have worked too hard to let that happen, so we may see an uncomfortably compromise while pds publicly become best buddies with the business interests. since moving to the social posts and losing charlie the PDs still are influential but seem to be lacking direction, again i am struck by the single trick economic ponies that they are becoming. even mcdowell is following a privatising agenda.
looks like fun and frolics for the press gallery but little effective movement for the rest of us. personalities clash, slanging matches ensue and an uneasy peace will be declared. its the bertie bowl all over again.
Red Rover

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