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Looks like a pile of crap


listening to Justice minister Mick Mac on the news at one, its striking how much the man is trying to keep a lid on the fallout from the Mcbreartys. it seems that the family of John Carthy hadn't half the teeth to go after Mac as the donegal family have. their high ocurt case is due up soon and Big MAc is floating the prospect of an apology for their hardship. while i am sure they would like one, he must believe they will get one in court if he is offering one now. on top of this it also seems that he is trying to get his boot in first and start framing the controversy in his own terms to delegitimise the genuine problem with costs and the inequality of their imposition.
Mick Mac is a great man for bluster and big talk, but on the issues that matter he has fallen down badly. he has lost control of the GArdai in key areas of the country and attempted to suppress all info surrounding this situation. It is patently obvious that they either knew of the corruption within the investigation or else had so little control as to be in the dark. either way its unacceptable and the time and excuse are here to establish genuine oversight and transparent policing in this state. the war is over with the provos etc. policing must evolve and become transparent, if Big Mac wont do it then someone should sack him.
i think all of us on the sidelines await with baited breath for the case which could define mcdowells career, and not for the better.
Red Rover

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  1. Blogger spudnik | 4:23 p.m. |  

    I don't think the Carthy family had thwe same finacial clout as the McBrearty's to go after McDowell. All the same they have'nt doen a bad job of kicking up a stink

  2. Blogger Cian | 1:45 p.m. |  

    correct, the point i was making is that the mcbreaerty family do and thus have the power to extract and apology from Mcdowell.

  3. Anonymous EWI | 10:25 p.m. |  

    But will McDowell do it? Between the Silence of the Lambs^H^H^H Crime Reporters and the adulation he gets from Madam Editor and the rest of the PD-FG right in this country, he'll just brazen it out.

  4. Blogger Cian | 11:18 a.m. |  

    it seems unlikley to be true, Mcdowell will cling on for all hes worth to the department of National Socialism, Racism and inequality but mood seems to be swinging away from his indefensible position, Cf the examiner this morning. i agree thought the Pd/FG consensus will insualte him from difficulty. All the more reason to call for his head
    Red Rover

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