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More Rossport 5


For those who missed the comment posted by the editor at tuppenceworth.ie, there is an open letter sitting on the table of minister Dempsey from Solicitor Edward Mcgarr regarding the Rossport 5 and Corrib gas field. Some of the information being asked for includes the Original Petroleum Lease issued by, i may be wrong tho, Ray Burke to Statoil and Marathon regarding exploration, A copy of authorisation from the Minister to works at corrib, Foreshore licenses and plan of development from Statoil/Shell.
The information is accessible through an EU directive which takes precedence over irish law and the relevant case law etc is cited. Obviously its written in legalese but stick with it and you will see there are some juicy pieces that may be obtained. This is a story to watch for all of us regarding the activity of the state in issuing licenses and the corporations in acting on them.
In other areas the observer yesterday ran a focus on the story retelling most of what we already knew, although i myself hadnt heard of the UCC report which cited the bay as a major breeding area for sealife, especially rare dolphins and whales. Cannot track a link though any help is appreciated.
These again take precedence over corporate interest especially ifthe state wont benefit and the project should be canned.

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  1. Anonymous Editor | 10:16 p.m. |  

    Hello there. Thanks for the link and reference. For your, and your readers', further amusement and edification you can read a note on a conversation between Edward McGarr and Mr. Michael Daly of the Department of Communications Marine and Natural Resources when he telephoned today about this letter.

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