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UK Under Attack


For those of you living in a cave the UK was the site of a spate of suspected terrorist attacks this morning. Much of Londonis in chaos as the attacks took place on the busy public transport system.
Here are some links thus far for you to peruse:
Reuters is far too busy today understandably

My own quick comments are probably a statement of the obvious. This is a very scary time for londoners and my thoughts are with them at the moment.
In terms of Tony Blair it seems highly likely that Iraq will be cited for the attacks and at a time when he is attempting to direct foreign policy from iraq to Africa and global warming this is a costly reminder that commitment to iraq and the loyalty to the us foreign policy comes at a high price. I am not sure if this will have the same regime changing effect that we saw in Madrid but it is certainly a possibility.
In terms of the coverage, we are highly unlikely to be greeted tomorrow with a desire to discuss the motivations behind these mens actions and the effect our behaviour has on radicalising individuals in the middle east. We are unlikely to have foreign policy and lifestyle dragged into the debate over our reaction and we are certainly going to be greeted with more attempts by the executive to back up counter terror power and executive power.
This are not right or wrong yet although i fret the potential to miss this opportunity to get to grips with Islamic terror and our actions in a manner which could effect peaceful change.
I am sincerely hoping that tony Blair proves himself to be a man of the people and will engage and listen to how they desire to deal with this attack. he cannot afford to be inflexible or dogmatic. The only losers here are all of us.
My prayers are with those currently in london and my hopes are that this is an opportunity grabbed to tackle the thorny issue of WHY.

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