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Happy Pancake Tuesday


To all of you who aren't at home with mammy this evening, i feel your pain. So i thought i would share with you my own recipe for success on the pancake front. This is not pulled from my previous post's object but purely my own.

300 mL Milk
2 Eggs
150 g Flour
1Tsp Vanilla Essence
3Tsp Drinking Chocolate Powder
Some oil/butter

If your using a food processor (recommended):
Whiz the wet ingredients.
Then add the dry ingredients in about three or four stages, whizzing between each addition.
Turn into a big jug and give a bit of a stir.
You can use some extra milk to get the bits out of the bottom of the food processor

If your using cave-man tools -like me.
Beat the eggs and milk together.
Sift in the flour in three stages, folding in the flour well before adding the next amount.
Finally add the vanilla essence and drinking chocolate.

Again turn into a big jug.

Heat your pan, put in a slice of butter (unsalted is best, if your using salted use some olive oil). Leave all the butter melt and then add it to the batter, this prevents the need for oil before each pancake.

Use a non stick pan, on about full heat. Let the pan get good and hot, then add in the mixture, it needs your own judgement to figure how much, depending on whether you like thick or thin cakes. If thin swirl from the center outwards for a nice thin crepe.

If the pancake doesnt flip or breaks in the middle you need more flour.
If it stick then you need a)more butter in the mixture or b) oil before each new pancake.

Dont forget your lemon, sugar, berries, maple syrup, banana, nutella or any other.

Away with you, no excuse now.

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  1. Blogger Auds | 8:34 p.m. |  

    Why not just whizz them altogether? IS that not why you bother with food processor?

    I always just bung everything in together and "pulse" and viola - grogeous smooth (and surprisingly light) pancake batter!

  2. Blogger Cian | 10:50 p.m. |  

    I find if i do that the flour clumps together around the bottom edge, must be my technique : )

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