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Opposition Slam Metro Plan Deadline


From RTE:

The Department of Transport's plan to have the Dublin metro up and running by 2012 has been criticised by Opposition parties.

Fine Gael has said the 2012 completion date is unrealistic if not impossible.

The party's transport spokeswoman, Olivia Mitchell, said Mary O'Rourke had promised in 1998 that the metro would be finished within seven years. She said Martin Cullen's timetable looked as unrealistic.

1) Its their job to do this, while at the same time providing reasons.
2) The reason is that Mary O Rourke promised it and it still isnt finished. Well Mary promised it, yes, however in between it was shafted for the two unjoined Luas lines. The reason for its non-completion is that it wasn't started. Thats of course the governments fault for bad judgement but not entirely an accurate point in drawing the inference from the available evidence.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:52 a.m. |  

    I think you'll find it was in the Programme for Government in 2002 as due for completion in 2007.
    Not just Mary O'Rourke's fault...

  2. Blogger Cian | 11:08 a.m. |  

    Perhaps but in each case the fact the metro wasnt begun cast no meaning over the length of time.
    The argument is that the time frame is unrealistic since it has been promised before and not delivered.
    As far as i know it is no in hand and starting.
    I agree that its unlikely this government will get it done on time on on budget.
    THe reason for this inference lies nowhere in the facts that O rourke and the programme for government both promised it and never delivered it, in both cases 5 years was the target as now 5-6 is the target.
    The reason that should be unrealistic is technical and should be argued as such.
    All im doing is picking holes in the arguments since im only a lonely blogger.

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