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UN Reform


Kofi Annan released the lastest in his series of proposals to overhaul the UN yesterday. The report itself is here, and his press release here.

Havent had a chance to read it, or anything else for that matter-up the walls till the weekend- but a reuters report suggests that its not all sweetness and light.

UN Staff are concerned about what they see as outsourcing and job losses in New York, while EU and US are pretty happy, LDCs and poor countries suspect that the budget cuts and efficiency savings are going to come out of projects from which they directly benefit.

On top of all this, most diplomats seem to be preturbed by the potential for uprooting the current balance of influence (and power of sorts) in the latest reforms, which clearly worries those at the top of the influence pile. If it goes through there will be a spate of Gala parties in NY Diplomatic quarter as countries race up the greasy pole.

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