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Profile Change


Ive decided to ditch the ol Red Rover pseudonym, its getting quite old hat.
Anyway il be working on a first name basis from now on in case y'all are getting confused.

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  1. Blogger Simon | 10:33 p.m. |  

    You have inspired me to do the same. I have been thinking of it for a while

  2. Blogger Cian | 10:51 p.m. |  

    Hello there Simon!!
    Wahey, it gets to be a bit too much after a while doesnt it?
    i can see the arg for some people in some walks of life needing anonymity but for me its just become a burden.

  3. Blogger United Irelander | 11:18 p.m. |  

    Hi Cian,

    What was the reason behind the 'Red Rover' pseudonym?

  4. Blogger Cian | 12:11 a.m. |  

    Ah, i think red=some sort of leftist and rover=some sort of irish association

    It sounded great at the time but it caused some deep psychological dissonance, didnt know who i was!!
    you dont fancy joining us in the named and shamed column?

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