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Health and Children commission Divisions


it is unsurpirising that FG and Lab have caused waves over the findings of the Report of the Commission of Health and Children into the travers report. Debate was particluarly ansty between government and opposition representatives across the desks. however i must say i am heartened to see the commission show flickers of real passion and fire although i suspect he proposition of an election (still two years away but FG are excitable) has a great deal to do with it. the government look likely ot be kept on their toes in coming months as a spate of outbursts are coming down the line from a new and invigorated opposition. the Dail doesnt have the best of reputations as a bastion of executive oversight so any time a commission shows signs of digging and independence it is a joy to behold.
a strong committee system should be able to hold ministers to account for present day activity not just retorspectively inspect the activity of past ministers. it is not likely this government will give way to any calls for increased parliamentary scrutiny. a strong and vibrant structure of commissions would require more funding and more staffing. this is a step too far for many in the government and would probably go down badly with TDs hwo value their constituency time.
however we cannot in good conscience allow the system to continue at the moment. i find it apalling that so little oversight is given to issues the media takes no interest in. It might be pedantic and anorakish to seek reform but reform of Dail eireann is much needed.
On the leaking of failed conclusions by the Two opposition members, its a slightly partisan move and the workings of a commission are there to protect the accused from unfounded tarring. however if one sniffs a cover up looming it doesnt exaclty seem out of character for this government. the move may be unpopular with due process advicates but if a process is in need of reform it is acts like these that will provoke it. on the substance of the allegations i shall return soon, still looking for their release online.
Red Rover

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